Some of Jackie’s current or previous organisational clients include:
ANZ, Nab, Bank of Melbourne, Peter Mac, Bupa, Diabetes Vic, MDA National, Superfriend, CSF, Coles, Nike, Rebel Sport, SMS, The Myer Family Company, BP, KPMG, Deloitte, CUA, The Salvation Army, IBM and a number of smaller companies across various industries.

As a Coaching Psychologist, Jackie is based in Melbourne, Australia and works with local people as well as some clients in other parts of the world.

Jackie works with a diverse range of organisational / corporate clients including CEOs, executives, technical experts, people leaders and individual contributors. This work tends to focus on increasing self-awareness, skills and capability. It offers alternative solutions and models that challenge existing ideas and helps with making sense of group dynamics and cultural / systemic patterns. She is a trusted confidant and adviser providing invaluable support and guidance across the landscape of interpersonal and political complexities, inherent in organisations and corporate entities.

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Jackie brings a powerful intuitive capacity and a pragmatic approach combined with sound commercial judgement.

In her private client work, Jackie engages with a range of adults and teens managing the breadth of life’s obstacles. Sometimes, trying to figure things out alone is not the best path. The positive effects of investing in better understanding our internal world, and, how we meet the outside world and its challenges, can be profound. Jackie is an advocate for personal development, self-observation, lifelong learning and being prepared to invest time and money in our mental health, in the same way we do so for other aspects of life. How much do we value feeling better on the inside and how much is this worth to us?

Operating from a platform grounded in common sense, empathy, respect and an ability to ask good questions, Jackie works relationally with people, as opposed to habitually taking the position of expert.

Jackie is passionate about supporting people to access different perspectives, promoting their sense of agency and increasing their ability to find creative solutions, possibility and hope. Her clients report all kinds of positive impacts, including feeling truly seen and understood, being more effective and satisfied at work and in relationships, feeling personally empowered, seeing more options and choices, having useful and practical tools and much more.